Our Philosophy Retirement Planning, Investment Management, Comprehensive Financial Planning

Goal Based Planning — Achieve Outcome Not Return

Every client has different goals, and the planning we provide revolves around each client individually. Our process focuses on your needs and objectives and not the return on investment. Focusing solely or primarily on investment returns puts the cart in front of the horse, and often forces investors to blindly take more risk and make emotional decisions. This can be harmful to your long-term financial well-being.

Utilize Realistic Assumptions In Retirement Planning

Having a comprehensive financial plan allows clients to visualize and interrupt how changing economic and market related factors may impact their unique goals. Using accurate and realistic assumptions provides a truer picture of client progress, leading to more informed and well thought out decision making. Being objective and transparent are the cornerstones of our commitment to you.

Complexity Does Not Add Value

A well constructed portfolio is often void of excitement, and in our opinion should be easy to understand and built to withstand a wide range of market environments. We let history and evidence guide the construction of client portfolios.

Low Cost Beats High Cost

Many studies have been commissioned on this subject over the years and the results have not changed. We believe investing costs should be kept as low as reasonably possible and we are committed to building cost-conscious client portfolios.

Passive Vs. Active Management Agnostic

We feel that there is a place for both passive (index based) and active (fund managers) in client portfolios. Some asset classes/investment categories are more efficient than others, while some areas of the markets allow skillful and tenured mangers the potential opportunity to outperform. Nonetheless, managers and/or indexes are selected while keeping cost in mind.

Asset Allocation Matters

The prudent selection and appropriate weighting of investments should match your time horizon and risk tolerance. Your asset allocation should be designed to minimize the chances of making the wrong decision at the wrong time and maximizing your retirement and financial goals.

Market Timing Does Not Add Value

We find no value, and research suggest there being no value, in trying to time markets. We much prefer to let time and the compounding of interest and dividends work on our clients' behalf. We are investors, not traders or speculators.

Tax Efficiency Is Important

Effective wealth management encompasses all facets of your financial life. Being mindful of taxes and tax implications to your personal situation provides another level of potential opportunity. From estate taxes to income tax reduction, our team and resources will help you maximize your net worth.*

*Raymond James does not provide tax advice.